Loving Me




Includes: 32 Sessions/ 1 Hour Per Session

Target: The Target of this 6 Months healing Journey is to love yourself, remove toxicrelationships from your life, open up
to Higher Love.


  • Release anything that burdens your soul.
  • Get intuitive guidance during the sessions.
  • Cleansing of Toxic Energy from your System.
  • Activating-Recharging-Realigning all chakras with higher timelines.
  • Crown Chakra: Experiencing Source and Source Within Self, Wisdom, Awareness, Self Realization.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Connecting you with your healthy intuition.
  • Throat Chakra: Become a Strong Communicator, Express your personal truth, maintenance of healthy weight.
  • Heart Chakra: Ability to love and receive love, balance in relationships, compassion, feelings of harmony, and peace.
  • Solar plexus: Feeling of personal power, and confidence.
  • Sacral Chakras: Build a feeling of high self-esteem, Healthy expressions of creativity and sexuality, joy and pleasure.
  • Root Chakra: Feeling grounded, Motivated and comfortable in this material plane.
  • Healing and releasement of past relationship wounds.
  • Healing and Releasement of any family/parents traumas
  • Healing past life wounds that block your personal growth.
  • Healing and releasement of childhood traumas.
  • Meet and heal your inner child.
  • Opening your life path with Archangel Michael’s flame sword to align yourself with the higher timelines.
  • Healing with Archangel Michael (In God’s Likeness): Gain the courage you need to overcome fears and insecurities,
    give you the strength to resist temptations and step out of your comfort zone, gain the power you need when faced
    with difficult situations.
  • Healing with Archangel Gabriel (God’s Purity): clear away confusion, gain the wisdom necessary to make decisions,
    gain the confidence to act on those decisions, and raise your children in a godly manner.
  • Healing With Archangel Raphael (God’s Healing): Help you overcome addictions, lead you to love, remove any
    traveling fears, and heal your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual illnesses.
  • Healing with Archangel Uriel (God’s Secret): Discover new information, solve problems, resolve conflicts, let go of
    destructive emotions like anger and anxiety that prevent you from discerning wisdom, and recognize dangerous